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About Bitcoin U.

Bitcoin University was actually started in a log cabin, during the winter of 1921, back home in rural West Virginia......(Ok, just kidding!)

Ok, Bitcoin University was started in 2015 by Evander Smart (he's from Brooklyn, not West Virginia), who was a young Bitcoin journalist, writing news articles for, at the time.

Evander had a dream, that still shines bright today: To teach the world about the future of money. So he created Bitcoin University, (, in 2015, on an old, rickety WordPress site (It has since been upgraded), and began sharing PDF downloads, eBooks, and homemade videos, going over all the Bitcoin knowledge he has learned as a Bitcoin new writer, starting way back in February of 2013. is a creative way of expressing Bitcoin style, pride, and a positive mindset to the world. Bitcoin owners should be proud to be apart of this community of over 100 million people who want to take control of their economic future. Bitcoin is the answer, and Bitcoin University is here to help.

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